Tara is currently training under Lana Tarek, one of Sydney’s most renowned eyebrow artists. Tara will soon offer the art of featherstroke brows to her clientele. This technique involves drawing each individual hair stroke onto the client’s eyebrows until the desired fullness and shape is achieved. An initial consultation to design the shape and a perfection appointment to touch up any fading is usually required to ensure colour lock in and lasting results.



Spray Tanning

Coming soon to TMC Makeup Artistry.

Tan customized to suit your skin tone, from the fairest to deepest complexions.



Lash Extensions

As a professionally trained lash stylist Tara currently offers classic lash extensions customized to suit your face and your lifestyle. Tara uses only the highest quality materials and extreme care using a technique that does not damage your own lashes. Classic extensions are suited for clients desiring a natural look for every day wear. Classics are full, lustrous and gorgeously long ensuring you look fabulous from the moment you wake up.



Full set

  • Approximately 70-75 lashes per eye
  • Natural and full lashes
  • Can be infilled to glam lashes

Silk $130  Mink $140

Glamour set

  • Approximately 90-100 lashes per eye
  • Thicker and more dramatic lashes for maximum fullness

Silk $150 Mink $160

Lite Set

  • Approximately 50 lashes per eye
  • Very natural either scattered along the lash line or along the outer half of the lash line (cat eye)

Silk $100 Mink $110



Lite Classic infills from $60-85*

Full Classic infills from $65-110*

Glam Classic infills from $75-125*


Lash removal from $50*

*Price dependent on amount of lashes lost/weeks between infills and quality issues

An ‘infill’ is classified at under 4 weeks. After 4 weeks a new full set is required